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Dragon Ball Z/GT Kink Meme

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October 3rd, 2014

08:04 am [sticky post]
Hello everyone again!

The new kink meme is up!

We really hope you like it, and that it'll breathe new life into the meme. We'll advertise in a couple of DBZ communities here in LJ but we'd really appreciate it if you could spread the word through other channels! It'd be a shame to see it die, specially since there's still interest.

As always, we welcome any sort of suggestions. If you think we should change something about it, please let us now here or in the mod contact post.

Thank you again for sticking with us for almost 4 years!

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August 31st, 2014

11:09 pm
What's New?

Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood mod here. It's been a while, hasn't it? (I doubt there's many people who still check this place...)

I deeply apologize for letting this die. To make things short, my life got busier and distanced myself from fandom in general. To the point I didn't even know Kai had started airing a new season this year up until recently! Anyway, enough about me.


✌ Somebody really awesome put together an archive! You can find it here. Even if the meme is a barely active at the moment, this makes it a lot of easier for people interested in reading/finding their favorite fills or prompts! A lot of really talented people have collaborated to this meme, and there are a lot of fills worth reading twice (or more).

Currently I'm working on removing all spam from the comments section. Again, I must apologize for neglecting my duties. I think I'm done. If you spot any let me know.

✌ I'm open for all sort of suggestions on how we can breathe back life into this place. I'd like to add new mods.

✌ I'm also considering closing the current thread so we can start a new one, leaving it up exclusively for archiving fills & filling older prompts. I think starting off with a fresh new thread could be a good idea. It's getting hard to browse as it is. What do you all think?

UPDATE: Somebody suggested we move to DreamWidth... I'm not very familiar with the website so I hadn't thought about it. What do you all think?

UPDATE 2: The move is happening soon. Get ready!

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October 20th, 2010

08:37 am
THIS POST IS NOW CLOSED. Please head to the new one.
the Dragon Ball kink meme

✌ One prompt per comment, but multiple fills are welcomed!
✌ Only Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Origins/etc prompts, please. Crossovers are fine as long as the Dragon Ball characters are the main focus.
✌ Remember: Your kink is not my kink. There are many different kinks out there, and while you may not agree with all of them, don't bash them here. If things get out of hand, I won't hesitate to freeze threads or delete comments. This is a judge-free zone.
✌ Try to write a fill for every request you make.
✌ Have fun!

Click here to visit Dragon Kink Prompt/Fill Archive!


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